John Watson

Hello! My name is Watson and I'm a freelance developer and consultant. I create profitable web sites for clients of all sizes. Contact me and I'll help you build yours.

Ad hoc Consulting

Do you have a problem you don’t know how to solve? Maybe you’ve got a great idea but no idea what software or technology to use… or if it’s even possible. Maybe you just want a second opinion. If you’re like many companies these days, you don’t have an in-house development or information technology department to lean on in these situations. That’s where I can help.

For a low, predictable monthly payment, you’ll get 3 consultations per month by phone, video, or email (your choice). During those consultations, we can talk about your problem or idea and I’ll help you find a solution. Solutions can take many forms. In some cases it might be a recommendation. In others, it could be a software development plan. Sometimes I’ll be able to answer you on the spot. Other times I will need to do additional research and provide you with a detailed review of my findings.

Think of me like a part-time CTO or your personal tech therapist.

Why should I hire you?

  • I’ve been developing software professionally since 1994
  • I’ve consulted on hundreds of projects and added millions of dollars of value
  • I’m a great listener and have years of practical experience translating tech-speak to plain English
  • I specialize and have years of experience in online ecommerce
  • I understand business and B2C and B2B processes and software
  • I’ve shipped dozens of products across verticals from tech to consumer goods to apparel

How does this work?

  • Click the Subscribe button to begin your monthly payment plan
  • I’ll contact you by email to setup an introduction and give you my cell phone number
  • Then you can contact me whenever you have a problem

What about privacy?

Everything we talk about is strictly confidential. I will not share your information, problems, or ideas with anyone, ever, without your permission.

Does this include development?

No. But if you require development you can either hire me to do it or I can help you hire a suitable contractor.

What if I need more?

I’m happy to discuss engagements with a bigger scope. Let’s talk.